In an emergency, every second counts.

Alert Profile

Working out is supposed to be fun, but what happens when something goes wrong? Have you been injured while on a walk or run? Found yourself followed by a stranger? Been lost? Or even worse, has someone tried to attack you?

RunSafe provides you with multiple ways to connect to your family and friends. You can notify them when you start and end a workout or set an alert to fire only if you don't return by a certain time. In the event of an imminent threat, you can hit the PANIC button to immediately send out an alert to all of your contacts.

Whenever a Panic or Timeout Alert is triggered, RunSafe will instantly activate your Alert Profile and send it to your contacts. The Alert Profile, which closely resembles an Amber Alert, contains your name, photo, age, height, weight, etc. along with a map of your last known location and any available tracking information. It also inculdes a comment portal to help engage the community and consolidate the flow of information that will lead to your safe return.

In an emergency where every second is vital to your safe return, it's imperative for your contacts to get the word out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. To help with that effort, RunSafe activates your Alert Profile and includes a link to it in the panic or timeout alert message they receive. This link can be quickly shared by email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to alert as many people as possible of your emergency. Once engaged in your search, this Alert page then serves as the central hub of information to help your contacts coordinate with the community to lead to your safe return.

RunSafe provides you and your contacts the tools to quickly and effectively respond to an emergency situation. While we can't eliminate the dangers around us, let us give you and your loved ones a little extra peace of mind by helping you stay safe on each and every workout.

Safety Alerts

Notify your contacts when you leave and when you return.

GPS Tracking

Real time data on your location.

Workout Stats

Distance, pace, calories and more.


Share runs with friends and family.


In addition to its safety features, RunSafe offers all of the functionality you would expect from a premium fitness app.

RunSafe Features

RunSafe is packed with all the features that you need to monitor and track your fitness activities.

  • Track multiple activities: running, walking/hiking, biking and rowing
  • Calculate distance, altitude, time, speed/pace, calories, and more
  • Display accurate, real time statistics during a workout
  • Activate strobe light for extra visibility
  • Rate and annotate your workouts
  • View splits and intensity graphs
  • View your routes on a map
  • Show weekly summary results of each activity
  • Share your workouts by email, Facebook, Twitter

In addition to all the fitness features, RunSafe includes a powerful alert and notification system.

  • Add unlimited number of contacts
  • Designate certain contacts as "Primary"
  • Apply different alert settings for primary and non-primary contacts
  • Send email and/or text message alerts
  • Customize messages for different alert types
  • Set start and stop notifications to let your contacts know when you've left and returned from a workout
  • Allow those contacts to view and track your workout in real time
  • Set time-based alerts to notify your contacts that you should've returned from a workout but haven't

If there's an imminent threat, RunSafe includes a PANIC button which does the following:

  • Immediately sends an alert to all of your contacts
  • Plays a loud siren and activates strobe light to grab the attention of anyone nearby
  • Records several minutes of sound that become immediately accessible to your contacts
  • Activates your public Alert Profile which can be easily shared by your contacts to quickly mobilize a response to your emergency

In an emergency, every second counts. RunSafe activates your public Alert Profile whenever a Panic or Timeout alert is triggered. It includes:

  • Your name, photo, age, gender, height, weight, etc.
  • A map with your last known location and any available tracking information
  • A comment portal which allows anyone to send information directly to your contacts

In addition to responding to emergencies, RunSafe also empowers you and your community to possibly prevent them from happening. The app allows you to quickly and easily report any dangers in the area. This data is then used to notify others, in real time, of potential hazards as they approach them. The danger report includes:

  • Type and level of the danger (suspicious person, road hazard, wildlife, etc.)
  • Photo, location and description of the danger
  • Optionally post the report to Facebook

Make every run safe


Community Alerts

If you see something ... share it!


We believe the best way to protect against unforeseen dangers is to empower the community to try to prevent them in the first place. To do that, RunSafe allows you to quickly and easily report any dangers in the area. With just a couple of taps you can indicate the type and level of danger along with its precise location. Each report is then processed and correlated with other data to notify others of potential hazards as they approach them. In the event of an emergency, these reports may also prove to be a critical source of information to bring you back to safety.

Runners, walkers, hikers, bikers, rowers and anyone that enjoys the outdoors are the eyes and ears of every community. By working together we benefit from our collective vigilance while helping to keep our friends and neighbors safe -- one workout at a time.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you find yourself in a dangerous situation your only priority is your safety. Community Alerts should only be submitted once your safety is secured.


RunSafe is deeply committed to the safety of all and offers its full-featured app with PANIC ALERT free of charge. If you would like the added protection of having your loved ones know the status of your runs and to send automatic alerts, we offer an alert/notification subscription package for just $4.99/month.



Per Month

  • Fitness Tracking
  • Panic Alert
  • Text & Email Alerts
  • Alert Profile
  • Community Alerts



Per Month

  • All Free Features
  • Create Primary/Secondary Contacts
  • Notify Contacts of Start/End Workout
  • Set Automatic Alerts
  • View Workout in Real Time

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